MY RED FACE / Blooper page. Yes, I’ve made a few mistakes.

On this page are the corrections on information I got wrong in my book. Hopefully there won’t be too many. This is your opportunity for readers to clarify and set the record straight on some important facts and issues. (No unimportant trivia please). Please post your remarks here and if relevent, I will post your feedback on this page. Thank you.

My first blunder… page 201

Copper was mined in Burra, not gold.

The last train to use the turntable (not turnstile) was in 1983, thirty-five years ago.

The B&B at the station was never the Station Masters Residence.

The line was extended to Hallett in 1878, (on its way to Terowie) where another turntable was installed. I wonder if that was then relocated to Terowie?

Thanks to Meredith for the Friends of the Burra Railway Station for bringing this to my attention.

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